We are still accepting entries for our upcoming Dressage Comp! Get in quick!

The Monash ARC dressage event is on August 9th and 10th. We have gorgeous Horseland rugs for the 1st place winners for EACH TEST. We have lots of other lovely prizes too.

Entries are quite low so come along and you have a very good chance of winning a lovely Horseland rug for your horsey friend.

Monash Comp Horseland Rug Prizes 006

Saturday August 9th

Advanced (A.3 and A.5)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Sunday August 10th

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

We can accept entries up to COB Friday August 1st.

http://www.hrcav.com.au/site/hrca/vic/downloads/aaaPROGRAMS/ MonashDRAug9.pdf

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Official Monash ARC 2014 Dressage Competition

This year our dressage competition will be held on August 9-10. Last year’s competition was a raging success and a lot of fun. We hope to see you all again for this competition! Download our flier for further details.

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Reminder: MARC Combined Training will be held on the 8th of December

MARC will host an official combined training event on the 8th December 2013 at Drummies Bridge Reserve, Glen Waverley.

Get in quick – entries close November 27th!

Monash Adult Riding Club Combined Training Flier

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HRCAV Award goes to Trish Evans

The HRCAV awards combinations who have obtained the most points in each discipline as well as the Rider who has earned the most points in each Level.

Congratulations to club member Trish Evans who has not only managed to take out the Top Place in both Combined Training and Horse Trials but also won the Reserve Champion Level 3 rider.

This is a huge achievement!

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ARC Fees are due in October

Fees are now due. Please finalise your payment and forms and submit them PRIOR to 20th October 2013 to receive a discount. If you are competing after 1st November 2013 you need to have your cards stamped prior to this.

Your cards can ONLY be stamped upon presenting Jess Turner with your cards AND evidence of payment at the OCTOBER rally. If unable to attend please arrange with Steph Batterham (steph.star@hotmail.com).

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Peninsula Pix will be with us this weekend

Keep an eye out for Katherine Jamison of Peninsula Pix this weekend and remember to visit the Peninsula Pix site after the competition!

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Trade Stalls at MARC 2013 Dressage Weekend

We are pleased to announce that Fat Pony Equestrian Apparel and Mountain Arena Saddlery will be joining us for our dressage weekend.

Fat Pony Equestrian Apparel Mountain Arena Saddlery

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Saturday/Sunday draw for the Monash ARC Dressage Day (13th-14th July)

Please download the PDFs below to view the draw for our upcoming dressage competition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please open the program below to see our finalised draw.

MARC 2013 Dressage Weekend program and Draw

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MARC 2013 Dressage Competition – Sunday draw has been filled

All Sunday times for the 2013 Monash Dressage Day have been taken. There are still some openings for level 4 and 5 on Saturday, so if in doubt contact us for details.

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Official 2013 Monash Adult Riding Club Dressage Day

The date is set –  The Official MARC Dressage day is to be run on Saturday the 13th of July and Sunday the 14th of July. Entries close on the 3rd of July so don’t miss out. The annual MARC Dressage day has been an extremely popular and fun day in past years. With our club located in the Melbourne metro area, and so close to an Eastlink offramp there really no excuse for not joining us!

Navigate to the competitions page for further details.

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